5 November 2013

We could start healing today

This post is dedicated to joy! Be happy every single day! Make a favor to yourself and to the others! Help build a better world through the small acts of every day! Love those who love and protect you most in the world as if it were your last day and love even those who you never seen in your life. Do not be angry at everthing, offer smiles, do tickle attacks, forgive, renew your hope in a better world and help to cure it! Life is too short ...

Este post é dedicado à alegria! Sejam felizes todos os dias! É um favor que fazem a vocês mesmos e aos outros! Ajudem a construir um mundo melhor através dos pequenos gestos de cada dia! Ama aqueles que mais te amam e te protegem no mundo como se fosse o último dia e ama todos aqueles que nem sequer vistes na tua vida. Não te zangues por tudo e por nada, oferece sorrisos, faz ataques de cócegas, perdoa, renova a tua esperança num mundo melhor e ajuda a curá-lo! A vida são dois dias ...

"Now you and I
Can get together
Let us start a revolution
Change this world
To what it should be
And forget all this confusion

We could live together
For the sake of love
What are we fighting for?
Oooh now
We could start healing today

If we can just learn to give
Give a lil' love
You and I can change the world
Live a lil' love
Make it better if we try
Show a lil' love
Let your love rain
Let it rain down on me"


  1. Aww adorei as fotos, estão fantásticas!

  2. Cute shots! I love the red dress and green grass!

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  3. Oh wow! I do like your haircut a lot! Mine would be about that length or maybe a little longer than that! Close to it tho! Love this post:)

  4. Estou a adorar o blog :)
    Segui :)
    Beijinhos, Andreja



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